Pinflux2 Review

Pinflux2 Review

What is Pinflux?

Pinterest is the fastest growing traffic source for e-commerce, brands, bloggers and even social media marketers.

With over 250 million monthly active users , a high presence of female users, and a big percentage of buyers, this platform is vital for any online marketer’s success.

Till now Pinterest lay untapped for automation because there was no effective automation software that unlocked every feature of Pinterest. Pinflux is the only software that does this well.

Pinflux2 features

What’s New In Pinflux 2

Pinflux 2 is a total revamp of our very successful Pinterest automation software.

In this version we have managed to make the automation really easy by getting rid of the app approval process. You can automate everything without having to get your app approved, so it’s really-really easy for users.

It also supports scheduled of posts and pins, as well as automation for follow and unfollow.

The pro version also supports direct messaging the fresh fans on Pinterest.

All About The OTOs

  • Pinflux FE – $27
All the above features are in FE
  • Pinflux Pro – $47

Enhanced and supercharged version of Pinflux unlocks more powerful automation features and also supports more number of accounts and boards. Perfect for professional Pinterest marketers.

Pro version has the following add-on features

– 2 years of free upgrade
– Support for unlimited accounts
– Support for unlimited boards
– Unlimited posts
– Unlimited Engagement
– Commercial license

  • Pinflux Agency – $67

With this license, your customer can sell Pinflux and keep all the sales proceeds. It’s a one-time license that allows them to sell Pinflux.

  • Viral Reach Pro – $47

Unlock massive traffic from Facebook with this powerful Facebook automation software that lets you create the social post for the entire month at once.

  • Mighty Memes Pro – $47

Use memes to drive traffic engage your audience and drive massive traffic to your offers with the most powerful meme making software.

Check The Software Demo

Pros of Pinflux 2

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Automatically Pin and Repin
  • Schedule new Idea Based on Keywords
  • Automatically Follow,Unfollow Board and Users
  • Integrate Multiple Pinterest Account

Cons of Pinflux 2

  • Too many upsells
  • Full Benefit is only from Pro (OTO 1)

Final Verdict

Pinflux2 is a great product for internet marketer. It helps you get free social media traffic automatically and can bring you better engagement. Pinterest is really hot right now so you are wasting traffic if you don’t utilize Pinterest. Manually post stuffs is a time-consuming process but with PinFlux2,it should never be your issue. Pinflux 2 is a yes from me.

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